Cover: Giving Tuesday November 27

Giving Tuesday November 27th 2018

Join us in kicking off the annual Get Behind Design Campaign!

On Tuesday, November 27, people around the world come together to celebrate and support meaningful causes.

GDC Foundation is starting a drive to raise $5,000 by the end of the year.
Help give the gift of scholarships, benevolent assistance, special grants for design research and preservation, and more.

Donate by December 31, and enter the special prize draw. Stay tuned for the exciting list of prizes!

Get Behind Design:

  • Donate early: send in your contribution and enter the draw.
  • Follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter for exciting updates.
  • Share this message with friends and family and encourage them to join the campaign.


The best way to donate is by e-transfer or cheque (no PayPal fee deductions!).

By e-transfer > please send your e-transfer to Dale Simonson,

By PayPal or credit card >