Design Day 2019

Design Day delivered once again!

The call went out for volunteers and they answered, this year more than ever before.

Local professional designers and writers came out to lend their skills and support 6 non-profits further their causes. Some were volunteer-returnees and many more were new faces, all willing to help make the day a success.

Thank you all for what you did, including the companies that provided their employees time on a work day to support the community. Know that your contributions in turn help many more Saskatoon and area residents who are in need.

Congratulations on making it great! See below for samples of the fantastic work completed. 

We also thank our most wonderful partners, Affinity Credit Union  and the United Way of Saskatoon and Area for making this possible.

Design Day 2019 - Teams and Deliverables


Design team heroes:
M.L. de la Harpe - Lead
Michael Gatioan
Lindsay Thorimbert - writer
Karen Cederwall - SWITCH


Boys and Girls Club of Saskatoon

Design team heroes:
Taylor Pfeiffer - Lead
Jacob Gadzella
Josh Nagy
Lindsay Thorimbert - writer
Diane Reaser - Boys and Girls Club


RAP Restorative Action Saskatoon

Design team heroes:
Lindsay Toth - Lead
Jodette Lerner
Traci Deck - writer
Winston Blake - RAP


CHEP Good Food Inc.

Design team heroes:
Christy Weese - Lead
Peter Murphy
Noelle Chorney - writer
Stephanie Foster - CHEP


Family Services Saskatoon

Design team heroes:
Drew Sebestny - Lead
Kirstie Seier
Allan Dowdeswell
Rose Stremick
Paige Gignac - writer
Janine Baumann - Family Services


Autism Services Saskatoon

Design team heroes:
Ben Lamothe - Lead
Rochelle Leader
Carol Tebay - Family Services


Participating organizations 2019

For information on Design Day, contact, or Josh at


Design Day 2018 - Teams and Deliverables

Cosmo Industries

Design team heroes:
Roger Denis - Lead
Kristie Seier
Jackie Kripki - writer
Ken Gryschuk - Cosmo Industries


Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Center

Design team heroes:
Drew Sebestny - Lead
Nathan Hursh
Shauna Morrison - Saskatoon Food Bank


Friendship Inn

Design team heroes:
Lindsay Toth - Lead
Erin Cumming
Lindsay Thorimbert - writer
Jody - Friendship Inn


Child and Youth Friendly Saskatchewan

Design team heroes:
Josh Nagy - Lead
Ben Lamothe
Jenni Lawrence - writer
Marcy Cook - Child and Youth Friendly Saskatchewan


John Howard Society

Design team heroes:
Giles Woodward - Lead
Sara Richardson
Braden Hursh - writer
Jaime Boldt - John Howard Society