NABS Mental Health Marathon

GDC members are invited to ask mental health questions anonymously, on May 6

Join the movement to end stigma around mental health by participating in the LifeSpeak Mental Health Marathon on May 6 between 5:30 am and 3:30 pm. NABS is bringing their leading mental health experts right to you to answer your questions for a full day in their popular "Ask the Expert" web chat format.

Registration is now open for this unique event. You will be able to submit your own mental health questions, completely anonymously, and get an answer from a leading expert in real-time. Ask questions about coping with stress & anxiety, mental health in the workplace and at various stages of life, parenting & relationships, and so much more.

Save the date to your calendar by clicking here and selecting the sessions you would like to attend, and check out some of the videos to get you started.

You and your family members can access from any computer or mobile device:

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