<\> Kate Bingaman-Burt Workshop GDC Manitoba is excited to bring Kate Bingaman-Burt to Winnipeg as part of our Blue Sky event series. /event/2017/09/13/kate-bingaman-burt-workshop 28/10/2017 <\> Beers with Peers – Winnipeg – Oct. 19, 2017 Let’s get together at the King’s Head Pub and raise a glass. /event/2017/10/13/beers-with-peers-winnipeg-oct-19-2017 19/10/2017 <\> GDC MB Portfolio Workshop Preparing for certification /event/2017/09/29/gdc-mb-portfolio-workshop 14/10/2017 <\> 2017 Beers With Peers Saskatchewan North Come out for some drinks and drawing as we do some Sumi Ink Club Style collaborative drawing! /event/2017/10/03/2017-beers-with-peers-saskatchewan-north 13/10/2017 <\> LAUNCH! Career Development Conference GDC BC’s annual career development conference for design students, graduates, educators, and employers. /event/2017/06/28/launch-career-development-conference 13/10/2017 <\> Beers with Peers > Halifax Halifax friends - let's meet up at Good Robot. /event/2017/10/17/beers-with-peers-halifax 12/10/2017 <\> Beers with Peers > Moncton Moncton friends - let's meet up at Sports Rock. /event/2017/10/17/beers-with-peers-moncton 12/10/2017 <\> Application for CGD Certification Deadline Get CGD Certified! The next Atlantic Chapter Certification Deadline is September 30, 2017. /event/2017/08/29/application-for-cgd-certification-deadline 30/09/2017 <\> Saskatchewan Design Week 2017 Design Week is a biennial week-long celebration of lectures, films and other educational events. This year it is from September 23-29 with events in Regina and Saskatoon. /event/2017/09/10/saskatchewan-design-week-2017 23/09/2017 <\> Making Hope Visual The Embassy of Argentina in Canada and Library and Archives Canada cordially invite you to Making Hope Visual, a design exhibition presenting a selection of cross-cultural posters by the Argentine graphic designer Matías Delfino. /event/2017/09/20/making-hope-visual 20/09/2017 <\> PechaKucha Night Vol. 31 PKN Winnipeg happens four times a year. This is the third in 2017. Kinda like a hat-trick, wouldn’t you say? /event/2017/09/01/pechakucha-night-vol-31 14/09/2017 <\> The 11th Annual Associations BBQ Free burgers and hotdogs? Bocce and croquet? Let's get together and have fun. /event/2017/07/24/the-11th-annual-associations-bbq 23/08/2017 <\> World Design Summit World Changing Designers, welcome, are you one of them? /event/2017/07/27/world-design-summit 27/07/2017 <\> Application for CGD Certification Deadline Get CGD Certified! The next Atlantic Chapter Certification Deadline is June 30, 2017. /event/2017/05/31/application-for-cgd-certification-deadline 30/06/2017 <\> Elevators 2017 The Elevators Awards are Back! /event/2017/05/05/elevators-2017 17/06/2017 <\> Portfolio Workshop – June 10 Preparing for CGD Certification /event/2017/05/31/portfolio-workshop-june-10 10/06/2017 <\> DesignThinkers Vancouver 16 speakers. Infinite perspectives. /event/2017/02/22/designthinkers-vancouver 30/05/2017 <\> May 17 Film Screening Before design was digital. /event/2017/04/17/may-17-film-screening 17/05/2017 <\> The Value of Design: 10 Perspectives from 10 Designers How can design be of value to a city? In celebration of Vancouver Design Week (end), 10 designers take 10 council chairs at Vancouver City Hall to share their unique perspectives. /event/2017/05/06/the-value-of-design-10-perspectives-from-10-designers 13/05/2017 <\> PechaKucha Night Vol. 30 Our 30th PKN! /event/2017/05/04/pechakucha-night-vol-30 11/05/2017 <\> May 4th - Lettering for the masses with Ale Paul of Sudtipos How lettering and typography can help brands acquire a unique popular personality. /event/2017/04/16/may-4th-lettering-for-the-masses-with-ale-paul-of-sudtipos 04/05/2017 <\> The Salazar Awards Speaker Event Join us on The Salazar Awards, presented by GDC BC and MET Fine Printers, awards prizes to talented and inspiring students who enrolled in design programs in BC. /event/2017/04/01/the-salazar-awards-speaker-event 03/05/2017 <\> Calgary Creative Jam Adobe invites the creative community to a fantastic event. /event/2017/04/20/calgary-creative-jam 27/04/2017 <\> Digifest 2017: Work, Learn, Play Toronto Digifest is an annual 3 day conference on design and technology hosted at 25 Dockside Drive in Toronto. /event/2017/03/15/digifest-2017-work-learn-play 27/04/2017 <\> Junk & Gems Sale – Manitoba graphic design books, magazines, tools & artifacts /event/2017/03/19/junk-gems-sale-manitoba 23/04/2017 <\> GDC Embark – April 2017 /event/2017/04/05/gdc-embark-april-2017 12/04/2017 <\> The New Standard on Accessibility: WCAG 2.0 David Berman is presenting an online public course open to all, called The New Standard on Accessibility: WCAG 2.0 on June 14, 2017. /event/2017/04/11/the-new-standard-on-accessibility-wcag-20 11/04/2017 <\> Calligraphy Fundamentals for Designers Learn from one of Canada’s best calligraphers and type designers about why letters matter. /event/2017/02/17/calligraphy-fundamentals-for-designers 08/04/2017 <\> Application for CGD Certification Deadline Get Certified! The next Atlantic Chapter Certification Session Deadline is March 31, 2017. /event/2017/02/19/application-for-cgd-certification-deadline 31/03/2017 <\> Swipe right on local CGDs Speed Mentoring is back - your chance for an in-person, 10-minute "Ask Me Anything" with local CGDs. Plus our 2017 Annual General Meeting. /event/2017/01/31/swipe-right-on-local-cgds 02/03/2017