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Albert Ng, FGDC

Albert Ng is the person responsible for the establishment of professional accreditation for graphic designers in Ontario, which was a first for North America and the second such occurrence in the world. He is the Founding President of the Association of Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario (RGD Ontario) and also know as the Father of Accreditation. The scholarship award program for graphic design students which he initiated more than 10 years ago had grown to eleven separate awards by 2002.

Albert drove the idea of accreditation for Ontario graphic designers in order ensure and enhance professional standards in graphic design, to encourage high standards in graphic design education, to promote rules of professional conduct and ethics in professional practice, and, to protect and promote the rights of professional graphic designers. His aims included raising awareness of the value of graphic design amongst government, business, other professions and the general public.

In late 1990, after a year of research on the feasibility of accreditation by Albert Ng and Rene Schoepflin and with less than ten people (including practitioners, educators, representatives from related industries and students) the Graphic Design Professional Accreditation Committee was established. In order to convince the Ontario government to support the legislation required for accreditation, the group needed to demonstrate that a majority of the industry in the province was behind the idea. Since at that time the Ontario GDC chapters, which became the founding bodies of RGD Ontario, could only claim a few hundred members from a population of over 2,000 graphic design practitioners and educators in Ontario, the first task was to build membership.

By late 1993 the GDC in Ontario had grown from two chapters to four, and on April 25, 1996 Royal Assent was given to legislation creating the Association of Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario (ARGD/ON, now called RGD Ontario), the self-regulatory professional body for graphic designers in the province of Ontario. The founding bodies of RGD Ontario were the former Ontario, Ottawa, Northern Ontario and Windsor chapters of the GDC. RGD Ontario was given the right to grant graphic designers who qualify the right to the exclusive use of the designations Registered Graphic Designer and R.G.D. and became the governing and disciplinary body for its members. RGD Ontario was mandated to serve the best interests of both the graphic design industry and the public in the province of Ontario by establishing and promoting uniform standards of professional knowledge, skill and ethics for all graphic designers in Ontario.

Albert’s devotion to the profession began when he started studies in architecture, graphic design, calligraphy, drawing and painting in Canada and Hong Kong. He started his professional career in a multidisciplinary practice with architects and designers and relocated to Toronto in 1974.

Albert has worked as a designer, consultant, and professor with a variety of agencies and institutions. His clients including the Royal Canadian Mint, Metro Caravan, Lantana Non-Profit Housing Co-operation, CFMT, Toronto Hydro, the Metro Toronto & York Region Labour Council, the Earth Spirit Festival and the Society for the Preservation of Historic Thornhill on visual identity programs, signage systems, illustrations, posters and exhibit designs. Albert has also been juror for several graphic design and art shows. He has been interviewed by many Canadian and international newspapers and magazines.

Albert Ng’s contribution to establishing RGD Ontario was honoured in part by being assigned the first membership number (ON 001). He is also a Past Vice-President of the International Council of Graphic Design Associations (Icograda), Past President of GDC Ontario, Past Director of Toronto Design Exchange, Advisor to the American Graphic Artists’ Guild Certification Committee, Co-Chair of the Central and South America Graphic Design Professional Accreditation Ad Hoc Task Force, Chair of Sheridan College Graphic Design Program Advisory Committee, Member of Ontario Ministry of Education College Standards and Accreditation Council and Ontario Representative for the Graphic Design profession responsible for the validation process for the 1999 Ontario Secondary School Curriculum.

Albert Ng is listed in Who’s Who in Ontario.