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Carole Charette, FGDC

Carole was born in 1963 in Valleyfield, near Montréal. Her father was a specialized high pressure welder whose career got him to work notably at the building of the Cornwall dam, Olympic Stadium, Mirabel Airport. Her family settled in St-Jerome, north of Montréal, where Carole divided her time between skiing and school. She obtained her collegial certificate in display design in 1984. She continued her education at Laval University in Quebec City where she obtained her baccalaureate in 1989 and a multimedia certificate in 1991 at Sheridan college. She is currently finishing her master’s degree in Laval University.

Carole Charette began her professional career as display designer for the University Laval communication department. She was appointed to design three important exhibitions: Sciences and technology at the Olympic Stadium (Montréal), Science stories, a travelling exhibit for Faculty of Science and Tundra-Taïga, an exhibit organized in join venture with the USSR Nordic department. In 1991, she founded Trio communication-marketing with her husband Bernard Houde. Over the years she worked for clients such Radio Canada, RDI, Domtar, Canadian Wood Council, Caisses Desjardins, ING, etc.

Carole Charette has been at the head of the Société des Designers graphiques du Québec for the past ten years. During her mandate, she organized Graphisme Québec 1992/1996 and Grafika with Info Presse since 1998. She also created and lead with great success the presentation of the International Graphic Design Biennial in 1998 and 2000. These editions welcomed famous designers as Gert Dumbar, Adrian Frutiger, Roger Pfund, Anthon Beeke, Armand Mevis and J. Abbott Miller. In spite of the fact that she has little spare time, she is teaching part time at Chicoutimi University.

Carole has been sitting on the IDM (Institut de Design Montréal) board of directors since 1999. She was nominated to represent the SDGQ at Canadian Alliance for Design. Her initiative and devoted spirit gave opportunities to SDGQ and GDC to establish active and profitable networks.

Carole earned many prizes along her career such the Loto-Québec Bursary for engraving, the Bursary for Engramme Workshop, the FCAR bursary for PHD, the Québec City bursary for scholastic excellency, the Prize for excellency from Graphisme Québec 96, the Bronze Medal, Guttenberg Prize. She was also invited as speaker at 1999 Icograda Symposium in Sydney and at Interuniversitary Colloquium and Group exhibit in 1999.

Individual exhibits: Sixx styles, Laval University 2001
Mots à maux, Engramme Gallery 2000. Group exhibit: Qui proquo in honour of the 50th anniversary of Refus global in 1998.

Finally, Carole Charette is a true sportswoman (1988 Quebec mountain bike champion, Canadian Ski Alliance Instructor Level 3, scuba diving, trekking) she appreciates walking peacefully along the Nova Scotia beaches.

Additional Nominating Remarks:
Many of us first met Carole in 1997 at the ACD Planning meeting in Windsor. Since then, we have grown to appreciate her infectious enthusiasm and boundless energy for design not only for Québec designers, but designers across Canada. She has almost singlehandedly revived the SDGQ and kept it growing for the past ten years. Her continual communication and collaboration with the GDC have helped to recreate a truly national design community. The ripples from her contributions have been felt around the world, and for that we submit her name for the honour of Fellowship in the GDC.