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Chris Yaneff, FGDC

Chris Yaneff was born and educated in Toronto. He studied at the Ontario College of Art, and also studied advertising and marketing at the University of Toronto. He joined Maclean Hunter Publishers in 1949 as art director of The Financial Post. In 1956, he founded Chris Yaneff Limited, a design counsel. The firm was soon expanded to include public relations and advertising.

He has numerous awards for the trademarks and packagings around the world, which have been exhibited in such leading design publications as Graphis, Graphik, Modern Publicity, Print, CA, Typo Mundus 20, and other trademark books.

Chris Yaneff explains his design philosophy as “although I feel graphic design is a modern dynamic business, I prefer to live and work in a traditional environment surrounded by antiques, traditional and modern paintings and sculpture. For us this has created a unique, harmonious working atmosphere that enables us, I believe, to effectively blend the past with the present and future.” he continues, “our basic approach to designing is rooted very strongly in the areas of marketing and advertising. Our corporate symbol designs are always created as tools for visual communication, to capture public imagination and response. I believe in conducting intensive research programs as a base for our design developments.

In our designs, we work very hard to create a unique, yet simple, strong statement. Our approach to packaging is quite the same and might well be described as a trademark approach to packaging.”

Chris joined the GDC (TDC) in 1957, a year after its inception, along with Allan Fleming. He was President of the Ontario Chapter in 1982.

Chris Yaneff passed away on April 30, 2004.