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Linda Coe, FGDC

Linda Coe has been an active member of the GDC ever since attending the first meeting of the Visual Communication Society of BC while a student in May 1975. Her contributions at the committee and executive level over the years, including Chapter President 1989–1991, have helped to maintain continuity from one executive to another, as well as empowering many of the members of the BC design community through professional workshops, award shows and inspirational speaker events.

Since 1997 Linda has served as the Chapter’s Ethics & Professional Practices Chairperson, compiling a comprehensive set of letters and responses to various queries from the business community and from designers on issues such as RFP processes, copyright issues, taxation concerns and much more. The responses and gratitude of these businesses is testament to the professional and accommodating manner in which Linda has dealt with the often tricky situation or being an arbitrator in the design world. Many of these templates have been made available to Chapters across Canada to use in their own communities.

Linda is a “collector” by nature and has compiled a meticulously organized archive of GDC materials received in BC since 1976, an invaluable resource for those of us who wish to learn from the past.

It was also through Linda that we met and hired our National Executive Assistant Sheryl MacDonald, the denmother of the GDC’s Ottawa secretariat since 1996.

Linda’s efforts in education over the years have not gone unnoticed by her students, both at ECIAD and at UBC, as well as working professionals and the business community who have benefitted from her professional workshops and presentations made to various groups and committees (IABC, Vancouver Board of  Trade, etc.).

In summation, Linda has been a stalwart supporter of the GDC and designers in Canada, especially in BC for over 25 years, giving those of us who have gone onto the national scene the tools and knowledge to contribute in an effectual manner. It is for these contributions to design in Canada that we submit Linda’s name as worthy recipient of a Fellowship in the GDC.