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GDC Graphic Design Journal

The internationally acclaimed GDC Graphic Design Journal is the GDC's showcase publication.

The Journal contains in-depth peer-reveiwed articles on professional design practice; education; featured designers as well as commentary on the state of the graphic design industry. We welcome submissions to the publications, please contact the editor, Matt Warburton CGD, FGDC, if you have editorial material to contribute.

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^ Graphic Design Journal 7 - $25 each
Dual focus issue with practitioner research articles from Nick Shinn, Chris Rowat, Greg Cunneyworth and Roberto Dosil plus academic research papers from PICA 2014 by Bernard J. Canniffe, Dr. Carole Charette FGDC, Dennis Cheatham, Brian Donnelly, Layal Shuman and Alison Miyauchi. Edited by Matt Warburton CGD, FGDC and Aidan Rowe CGD.

^ Graphic Design Journal 6 - SOLD OUT!
O Canada! The all-Canadian typography issue. Articles by Rod McDonald, Nick Shinn, Walter Jungkind, Val Fullard, Richard Hunt and Matt Warburton. Book reviews by Sue McWatt-Fitzgerald. Edited by Robert L. Peters.

^ Graphic Design Journal 5 – $25 each
Thematically this issue is a millennial celebration of the history of design in Canada, and the development of the GDC from its early beginnings in 1956 as the Society of Typographic Designers of Canada to the its current structure of Chapters and Member Associations stretching across the country, and around the world via the internet.

^ Graphic Design Journal 4 – SOLD OUT!

  • Charting The Future Of Graphic Design Education
  • Graduate Studies
  • Undergraduate Curriculum Culture, Society And Communications
  • The Changing Profile Of The Graphic Designer
  • Research

^ Graphic Design Journal 3 - SOLD OUT!

  • Designing The Future: Curriculum Reform In British Columbia
  • Visual Rhetoric: Old Ideas, Strange Figures And New Perspectives Paul Arthur
  • Thoreau MacDonald: A Fresh Breeze From Canada


^ Graphic Design Journal 2 – $25 each

  • Design Renaissance: The Design Event Of The Decade?
  • Are We Ready For Graphic Design 2.0?
  • The Graphic Presentation Of Language For Dyslexic Children
  • Take A Detour Around Designer's Block


^ Graphic Design Journal 1 – SOLD OUT!

  • Visual Communication Design: A Possible Direction
  • Underground In Berlin
  • Everybody Is Their Own Designer
  • Client & Designer: The Strategic Alliance
  • Original Sin: The Ethics Of Copying In The Post-Modern Age
  • Designer Profile: Ernst Roch

Graphex Catalogues

Graphex is a national design awards programme that has been celebrating the best of visual communication in Canada since 1977. Graphex promotes the value of design to the Canadian public and business community and creates an archive of Canadian design for future generations to study and reflect upon.

Graphex 2008 Catalogue

  • Catalogue design by Rethink Communications, Vancouver, BC. Printed by Hemlock Printers, Burnaby, BC.
  • 160mm x 238mm x 14mm, 168 pages w/slipcase cover
  • $45 members/$60 non-members
  • ISBN 978-0-9810081-0-3

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Graphex '06 Catalogue

  • Designed by Marian Bantjes. Printed by Generation Printing, Vancouver.
  • 160mm x 238mm x 11mm, 128 pages + cover
  • ISBN 0-9681124-4-1

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Graphex 2003 Catalogue

  • Designed by Brian Morgan and Kirsten Gravkin. Printed by Metropoliltan Fine Printers, Hemlock Printers, Generation Printing, Teldon Print Media and Nathen Printing Services.
  • 160mm x 238mm x 11mm, 128 pages + cover
  • ISBN 0-9681124-1-2

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GDC Annual Reports

GDC 2006/07 Annual Report

This annual report celebrates what the GDC does best, as told by members from across the country. Multi-award winning book designed by Catharine Bradbury, MGDC of Bradbury Branding & Design. Printed by Friesens Corporation on Unisource Monadnock Astrobright.

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GDC 2005/06 Annual Report

Designing Canada for 50 Years – GDC celebrates its 50th Anniversary in this special GDC@50 annual report by showcasing some great and truly classic Canadian design. The 168 page annual report honours graphic design in Canada by showcasing individual logos and their designers, acknowledging their impact upon Canadian society, businesses and the economy. A valuable reference point for designers and students. Designed by Suburbia Advertising, Victoria BC, including Mary-Lynn Bellamy Willms MGDC, Principal and Jeremie White MGDC, Designer. Printing was provided by Benwell Atkins, binding by Pacific Bindery Services, and two grades of paper by Stora-Enso.

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GDC 2004/05 Annual Report

"We Connect" theme reflects the powerful role of the GDC in linking designers across Canada. Design and concept by world-renowned design firm SamataMason, Chicago USA + Vancouver BC - the team included Dave Mason MGDC, Pamela Lee MGDC, and Keith Leinweber LGDC. The photography by Victor John Penner, dynamically illustrates GDC publications, documents and web images. Printing is by west coast printer Blanchette Press and 3 sumptuous grades of paper were supplied by M-Real Canada.

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