These amazing clients from Taber, Alberta, were eagerly looking to re-brand their company from the ground up (Formerly LED Super Signs). Specializing in digital screen advertising and sales they requested help in finding a more distinct name without LED in it, as well as an effective matching brand identity.


We started with extensive preliminary research into industry-related keywords, as well as relevant name availability. Later jotting down over two full pages of name ideas and combinations. From those keywords we were able to send the client a “top-ten” list of the most effective names available. The client chose PixelBoom Media from the list. We then worked closely with the client to determine the brand/corporate color structure.

From here we focused on the brand identity with pixels as a focal point, later forming them into a solid “P” and adding a framed block behind it to help solidify it as a stand-alone mark. A thick, strong font was chosen overall to signify “A demand in focus, strength, and lasting quality”.

The same consistent fluidity was carried over into the website and subsequent collateral. Large, bold canvasses of the blue and silver chosen by the client, with strong, clear type and a clean, modernized overall layout.


The overall brand tells a clear and consistent story moving forward with large simplistic headlines, bold colors, and open canvases.


PixelBoom Media ltd.

Project Role(s)

Creative Director
Art Director
Date Completed: