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Full-time Experiential Graphic Designer



Saturday, January 12, 2019


Please email to apply.

Form:Media is growing, and we need thoughtful, collaborative, and experienced designers to meet the needs of an expanding set of teams.

We are an integrated office of architects, landscape architects, urban designers, planners, graphic designers, interpretive planners and brand experts. We see beyond the traditional silos of discipline and collaborate to create meaningful engaging, and evocative built environments. At Form:Media, we work on a wide range of cultural projects, urban developments, urban parks and waterfronts, campuses and downtowns. We regularly find ourselves working from the scale of a city to signature public spaces, down to the smallest details of buildings or spaces.

We infuse meaning and context—cultural or historic—into our placemaking projects, and are regularly recognized with regional, national, and international awards of excellence as a result. We believe technology is an important part of our process. Beyond standard design software platforms—Adobe Creative Suite, Sketchup, Revit, and AutoCAD—we also employ virtual and augmented reality, aerial drones, and composited video to explore and present our work.

Our collaborative approach means we work as a design collective. We also work closely with many 'publics', finding ways to cultivate a shared common vision and to create excitement and build support for our projects. We believe that the client-contractor relationship is a collaborative one. We are a team of many skills, and each team member has viewpoints that contribute to creating a more holistic and meaningful design.

Preferred applicants would have an undergraduate degree with five+ years of professional experience working in an EGD firm. The applicant should have an extremely high proficiency in context-sensitive design, wayfinding, and branded environments. If you are eager to work in a multi-disciplinary collaborative design environment, and if you strive for life-long-learning, we would certainly love to talk.