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Saturday, July 10, 2021


Send your resume and some writing samples to:

We're looking for a writer with amazing creative powers.

You are an idea person. You have good ideas, brilliant ideas, bad ideas – and no matter what they are, you aren’t afraid to put them out there.

You are likely a little off-center and see things differently than most people. You can twist a phrase, be funny or be dramatic.

As a writer, you will work with a creative team to turn marketing problems into advertising solutions. You should be comfortable writing for all mediums.

It goes without saying that your grammar skills are impeccable—but you also know there really aren't any rules. This is a job where your obsession with detail will be rewarded.

Ad writing experience is essential.
An agency background would be very beneficial.

Send your resume and some writing samples to;

The deadline is short – but as a writer, you need that …