Since 1993 the Graphic Design Journal has been the GDC's pre-eminent publication for reviewing Canadian design history, education and research.

The Graphic Design Journal is published by the GDC in support of its objectives: to promote and develop a defined, recognized and competent body of graphic and communication designers and to encourage high standards of graphic and communication design for the benefit of Canadian society.

The Journal’s main goals are:

  1. Encourage dialogue on topics related to graphic, communication and UX/UI design;
  2. Promote excellence in design practice and education;
  3. Help record Canadian graphic, communication and UX/UI design’s history and development.

The Journal covers topics such as: 

  • Applied semiotics
  • Copyright in the electronic age
  • Corporate design
  • Cross-cultural communications
  • Cross-disciplinary design
  • Design criticism
  • Design education
  • Design for learning
  • Design for people with disabilities
  • Design history
  • Design management
  • Design theory and methodology
  • Environmental concerns
  • Ethics, professional conduct and social responsibility
  • Health, safety and consumer information
  • Human/computer interaction
  • Human factors (legibility)
  • Literacy, reading and plain language
  • Promoting design
  • Public policy
  • Multimedia
  • National and international standards
  • Strategic design in business
  • Sustainable design
  • Typography
  • Website design
  • Web UX/UI

The GDC’s Graphic Design Journal welcomes contributions on a wide variety of subjects relevant to graphic, communication and UX/UI design. Submissions may consist of articles, research reports, design evaluation, book reviews or papers of a general or technical nature. Responses, comments and letters to the Editor are welcome.

Graphic Design Journal Advisory Committee 
Matt Warburton CGD, FGDC (Editor)
Aidan Rowe CGD (Co-Editor)
Brooke Allen CGD
Roberto Dosil
Katherine Gillieson 
Casey Hrynkow CGD, FGDC
Karin Jager CGD
Mary Ann Maruska FGDC
Michael Maynard FGDC

GDC members receive the Journal for free. Additional copies or back issues may be purchased for $25 each.

If you are interested in purchasing this publication, email or phone toll free: 1 877 496 4453

^ Graphic Design Journal 7 - $25 each
Dual focus issue with practitioner research articles from Nick Shinn, Chris Rowat, Greg Cunneyworth and Roberto Dosil plus academic research papers from PICA 2014 by Bernard J. Canniffe, Dr. Carole Charette FGDC, Dennis Cheatham, Brian Donnelly, Layal Shuman and Alison Miyauchi. Edited by Matt Warburton CGD, FGDC and Aidan Rowe CGD.

^ Graphic Design Journal 6 - SOLD OUT!
O Canada! The all-Canadian typography issue. Articles by Rod McDonald, Nick Shinn, Walter Jungkind, Val Fullard, Richard Hunt and Matt Warburton. Book reviews by Sue McWatt-Fitzgerald. Edited by Robert L. Peters.

^ Graphic Design Journal 5 – $25 each
Thematically this issue is a millennial celebration of the history of design in Canada, and the development of the GDC from its early beginnings in 1956 as the Society of Typographic Designers of Canada to the its current structure of Chapters and Member Associations stretching across the country, and around the world via the internet.

^ Graphic Design Journal 4 – SOLD OUT!

  • Charting The Future Of Graphic Design Education
  • Graduate Studies
  • Undergraduate Curriculum Culture, Society And Communications
  • The Changing Profile Of The Graphic Designer
  • Research

^ Graphic Design Journal 3 - SOLD OUT!

  • Designing The Future: Curriculum Reform In British Columbia
  • Visual Rhetoric: Old Ideas, Strange Figures And New Perspectives Paul Arthur
  • Thoreau MacDonald: A Fresh Breeze From Canada


^ Graphic Design Journal 2 – $25 each

  • Design Renaissance: The Design Event Of The Decade?
  • Are We Ready For Graphic Design 2.0?
  • The Graphic Presentation Of Language For Dyslexic Children
  • Take A Detour Around Designer's Block


^ Graphic Design Journal 1 – SOLD OUT!

  • Visual Communication Design: A Possible Direction
  • Underground In Berlin
  • Everybody Is Their Own Designer
  • Client & Designer: The Strategic Alliance
  • Original Sin: The Ethics Of Copying In The Post-Modern Age
  • Designer Profile: Ernst Roch