To develop a logo for the Nova Scotia District Health Authorities (DHAs) in partnership with Workers’ Compensation Board of NS. Sprains, strains and other safety issues are the greatest cause for healthcare workers to lose time from work. The DHAs developed a program to tackle these issues in their hospitals. They required a logo and brand for this program.


Since Soteria is a Greek Goddess, the obvious first step was to research her and Greek symbols. I was able to find a mosiac of Soteria. This was used for the brand’s colour scheme and as a starting point to create the logo. In the mosiac she is wearing a laurel wreath. During the design phase it became obvious that she should be depicted in the medallion on the laurel wreath. In the initial design concept she was holding a rod with a snake entwined, the client felt that this was too doctor oriented so this was removed.

I collaborated with an illustrator to produce the final logo. Indesign and Powerpoint templates were supplied to the client to produce the support materials.


The client are happy that, while they are building the brand familiarity, they are doing something unique and different. They have moved away from acronyms and other project logos towards a more strategic brand that serves the program as much as the communications it carries with it. It is their hope that as they expand to more Soteria projects, their brand familiarity will grow and the recognition of their values and principles will remain understood with the brand.

They are already getting feedback from audiences about the brand and requests to use the Soteria brand for future safety related projects.


Workers' Compensation Board of Nova Scotia


Illustrator Bonnie Ross

Project Role(s)

Creative Director
Art Director