Saint Mary’s University’s Executive and Professional Development (EPD) required a catalogue, five brochures and two postcards to promote their 2014–2015 programs. The catalogue and certificate brochure are printed and mailed to their potential participants, three brochures are posted on their website, and the postcards are inserted in the Metro News. Concepts for advertising are also required.

This is the eighth year that I have produced EPD’s materials. Each year the design changes.


Their main competition in Halifax is online courses therefor reinforcing their programs and certificate courses with profiles of graduates has been a very good step in the right direction. Using these profiles promotes the local aspect, networking possibilities and teacher support.


The most common feedback that the client has received from participants, instructors, and human resource professionals is that their marketing materials are:
• Professional
• Well organized
• Anticipated – they look forward to receiving it
• Difficult to hang on to – their copy goes wandering
• Shared it with lots of people
• Used regularly
• Interesting – since the recent inclusion of participant and instructor profiles

The photos and profiles of participants and instructors resonates with the audience. They reflect the “real experience” participants can expect when they take a class with EPD and help readers identify with people just like them. The instructor profiles helps make them approachable and a familiar face when participants arrive in the classroom.

The design sets EPD apart from other providers as it is unique each year and not static from year to year as per the norm for others. EPD relies on the design to attract and engage the reader as content does not change dramatically. It needs to instantly inform the reader to expect a learning experience that is focused on them. This is unlike any other option in the marketplace so becomes a focus and needs to be captured in the promotional materials. The use of participant/instructor profiles, pictures of actual classroom settings and real people in our classrooms are all chosen to share the idea of learning focused on the learner.


Saint Mary's University


Photography: Kelly Clark

Printing: Trancontinental Printing