Problem/Need: Each year, Investors Group sends their top performers to an incentive event honouring their achievements. The FaQtory works with them to develop a variety of event materials that include invitation and gift packages for the qualifiers, a welcome package with travel guide and name tags for the attendees, and a website.


Strategy/Methodology: In 2006, the incentive event was held in Shanghai and Beijing, China and the theme of the event was 'Become part of the dynasty'. I sourced gifts from China – a calligraphic scroll and a small set of Bianzhong bells.

Fonts, colour palette and packaging materials were all chosen to represent the theme and destination country. Unique elements included handmade paper made of tea, and a beautiful, translucent yellow Eames™ paper that showcased a hand-calligraphed Chinese poem called 'Traveling Again'.


Results/Impact: Very well received by the qualifiers and attendees.


Investors Group


Account management:
The FaQtory

Event logo:
Cascadia Motivation

Melodie Richard

Graphic design (travel guide):
Carolyn Moesker

Website design and development:
Dean Van De Walle

Project Role(s)

Graphic Designer
Production Artist
Project Manager