Problem/Need: For the 2010/2011 campaign year, School Specialty Planning & Student Development launched two new products into the Higher Education market. Both were aimed at first year experience programs, but one was targeted more at university students while the other was aimed at college students. Each product required separate design solutions to suit the content tone and writing style.

Connections: An Insider's Guide to College Success
To reflect the practical guidelines and principles outlined in the content, we chose to utilize a more mature selection of fonts and colours, and extended that mature, sophisticated feel to our photo, illustration and layout choices.

The Skinny On™: College Success
As this product was written with fun, engaging nuggets of information, we were able to build on that with our font, colour and layout choices. While the illustrations were created specifically for this product, they were based on a licensed illustration style from The Skinny On book series.

Results/Impact: Both products launched successfully and have been positively received by customers and their students. They continue to be sold today as part of the School Specialty Planning & Student Development product line-up.


School Specialty Planning & Student Development


Product concept:
School Specialty Planning & Student Development

Connections: Jennifer Latino, Sherri Moore & Scott Moore
The Skinny On™: Jim Randel & Carol Randel

Graphic design, illustration and production:
The FaQtory design team


Project Role(s)

Creative Director
Project Manager