Problem/Need: As a fine art photographer, I sell a collection of prints online, and over the past five years have planned and curated one solo gallery show as well as three group shows – this included designing all of the promotional pieces (with the exception of the Outlet poster, which was designed by Jeope Wolfe). I have also participated in a number of gallery shows with my photo club.

Strategy/Methodology: When planning a gallery show, I start with creating a moodboard with a shortlist of the photos that I'm considering displaying. From there, I decide on a theme, short description of the show and artists statement. I then choose a venue, make my final image choices and plan the layout for the show.

Once I've done that, I concentrate on designing the promotional pieces for the show – these typically include a poster, postcard, web and social media graphics. The last step is to send my photos to print, write the labels and descriptions and then hang it all up. It's a lot of work, but I find it incredibly rewarding!

Results/Impact: Many visitors to my site and gallery shows.


Personal work


Outlet poster design:
Jeope Wolfe

Photography for group shows:
Jeope Wolfe (Outlet)
Elaine O'Keeffe (The Country In Us, Perspectives)
Laurie McPherson (Perspectives)

Perspectives group portrait:
Dian Greaves

Project Role(s)