Problem/Need: Each year, Investors Group sends their top performers to an incentive event honouring their achievements. The FaQtory works with them to develop a variety of event materials that include invitation and gift packages for the qualifiers, a welcome package with travel guide and name tags for the attendees, and a website.


Strategy/Methodology: In 2005, the incentive event was held in Edinburgh, Scotland and the theme of the event was 'The Gathering'. I sourced gifts relevant to Scotland - a letter opener replica of a claymore and a silver quaich.

Fonts, colour palette and packaging materials were all chosen to represent the theme and destination country, and to build on the concept of ancient clans gathering to celebrate their successes.


Results/Impact: Very well received by the qualifiers and attendees.


Investors Group


Account management:
The FaQtory

Event logo:
Cascadia Motivation

Melodie Richard

Website design and development:
Gualter Reis

Project Role(s)

Graphic Designer
Production Artist
Project Manager