Create a book showcasing the life's work of artist David Thauberger. The book was to coincide with a major national touring exhibition featuring both his work and his collections of other artist's work that had played a key role or were an influencing factor in his career. It also had to feel both accessible to others across the country but have a certain regional Saskatchewan or prairie flavour to reflect both the place he works and makes as well as his love of Saskatchewan building vernacular. All this had to include 7 essays in English and French as well as over 100 colour plates and a DVD with an interview of the artist. And to be done in a cost-effective manner.


Aptly titled Road Trips & Other Diversions, the book takes a journey through his life and career. The essays were sectioned as parcels of life, each with a slight turn (in the road). This was seen in fluctuations in grid, typography and road "lines" that moved and shifted throughout. The cover title graphic was flocked in black. Flocking was a process the artist often used in printmaking. Imperfect "Letraset" looking titles were opened sections. Another element he consistently used in his prints and paintings. Overall, his work inspired many of the elements and details. The DVD sat within a diecut page at the back of the book.


A very large amount of content was successfully organized into readable chunks. Many of the design elements supported and gave the reader insights into his world. It felt approachable and accessible and supported the artist without overshadowing his work.


Esplanade Art Gallery


Curator Sandra Fraser, Timothy Long, Mendel Art Gallery, MacKenzie Art Gallery, Kallen Printing