The Flett Ventures Group required a brand that would present a traditional look and voice that speaks of wealth, vision and influence while conveying exclusivity, authority and distinctive strengths.

His unique view of this new business paradigm makes him a thought leader who raises the bar for all executive coaches and business speakers, particularly in their working relationships with women in business.


As the client’s approach is radically different than any other business coach –he opens the previously male exclusive playbook of business for women to master– the challenge presented was to find authenticity in the way he provides insight into this vision.

The brand expression needed to be traditional but at the same time avoid any sense of pretension or old paradigm thinking.


As head designer and art director of this project at Ideastream Design, I was in charge of identifying the company’s brand essence, principles and vision; as well as Chris’ values as an executive coach, public speaker and entrepreneur. After this analysis I was able to achieve an identifiable overall style for the Flett group and its symbols.

The result is an identity and brand experience that communicates wealth, expertise and exclusivity. The brand extension included business card, stationery and website.


Christopher Flett


Catherine Williams, CGD