Design commemorative stamps for Canada Post which celebrated Canadian motorcycles.


The driving premise for these stamps was to keep the design clean, simple and graphic: the antithesis of most Canadian stamps which end up being collages of too many elements. We looked to British stamps which are renowned for the cleanliness and graphic simplicity. We also looked to some of the recent art books such as the Gugghenheim's sell out exhibit entitled The Art of the Motorcycle. To our eye, these machines have beautiful lines and rapturous shapes, and we wanted to capture that passion and convey that relationship between the rider and the machine to the viewer.


The stamps have been a resounding success, selling out in many retailers, and attracting a great deal of non-philatelic media attention. The subject matter also drew many consumers in who would usually never pay any attention at all to stamps or any of the related philatelic products.


Canada Post


Photography: Paul Joseph Digital Magic: Hendrik Rens Illustration: Mark Pilon