The Challenge
To break into Vancouver Island and across the country’s mature and competitive chocolate market with a unique and meaningful proposition, supported by a new and compelling brand.


The Approach
Position the Be.Raw brand as a tasteful boutique style luxury chocolate, identify key differentiators and build a brand and identity around these.


The Result
Devotees and consumers with special dietary needs continue to build the brand through word-of-mouth, distribution and point of sales.


Be.Raw. Chocolate


“I set out to make a fabulous chocolate that is healing in many ways. I wanted people to taste my chocolate and have a moment, an experience of presence and joy during their otherwise busy lives.

I also wanted my chocolate to have a positive impact on the world, and on the lives of those involved in making it. With these ideas in mind, I set out to make the first multi-layered healing chocolate the world as seen!

Thank you so much to Patrick who took all of the ideas I had in my head and all of those things that I stand for and put them into the amazing design that is the Be.Raw Chocolate brand! It is beyond what I could have imagined for my bars and fully expresses me!”

Thirza Voysey, Be.Raw. Chocolate owner