Resources for Students

The GDC creative community contains within it a wealth of professional and creative expertise. This section is for sharing that knowledge.

Hand Lettering Workshop

Step away from that computer: learn to hand letter!

Out of the Studio Podcast Series

Oots captures the continuing history of graphic design in Manitoba by interviewing people who have shaped the industry in this province.

Contract Template

Here is a recommended contract template for designers to use when working with clients.

Dealing With "Spec" Work

Professional designers should be compensated fairly for their work.

Sustainability: Recommended Reading

External publications for the sustainability minded designer.

Recommended Reading

Reading suggestions from GDC and GDC members.

Useful Links

From blogs to archives, initiatives and programs here is a regularly curated listing of our favourite links. Got a link we should add? Send your link suggestions to

Accessibility Design

Resources on accessibility issues and designing for people with a range of capabilities

Sustainability: Tools for Designers, Educators & Students

Useful GDC tools about sustainable communication design.

Internship Survival Guide

Internships can be a valuable component of practical education and help fortify the foundation of a professional career in graphic or communication design.

Professional Development

Tools and Resources for Designers, Students and Educators