Sustainability: Recommended Reading

External publications for the sustainability minded designer.

Blogs & Links

News and Blogs

Corporate Knights Magazine
Canadian Magazine for responsible business, includes links to other resources.

The Living PrinciplesCreative Action for Collective Good
The Living Principles for Design framework is a catalyst for driving positive cultural change.

Web Ecoist
Web Ecoist is a blog for sustainable living, green design and environmental oddities.

TreeHugger is the leading media outlet dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream. 

Gristmill: The environmental news blog
Grist is an independent news source for green issues and sustainable living.

Triple Pundit – A new conversation for business
Triple Pundit believes that the environment, society and business form a tripartite relationship and provides a platform to discuss a new and broader way of looking at business and the world.

Sustainable Searches
This search engine donates 80% of its income to tree planting and is carbon neutral.

EcoEarth.Info is a search tool that provides access to reviewed environmental sustainability news and resources.



Sustainable Communication Design

Design is the Problem

Author: Nathan Shedroff
Publisher: Rosenfeld Media (available also for download)
ISBN: 1933820004

The Designer’s Atlas Of Sustainability

Author: Ann Thorpe
Publisher: Island Press
ISBN: 1597260991

The Eco-Design Handbook

Author: Alastair Fuad-Luke
Publisher: Thames & Hudson
ISBN: 0500285217

Green Graphic Design

Author: Brian Dougherty & Celery Design Collaborative
Publisher: Allworth Press 2009
ISBN: 1581155115

SustainAble: A Handbook of Materials and Applications
for Graphic Designers and Their Clients Image

Author: Aaris Sherin
Publisher: Rockport Publishers
ISBN: 1592534015

Packaging Sustainability:
Tools, Systems and Strategies for Innovative Package Design

Author: Wendy Jedlicka
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 0470246693

Design for the Other 90%

Author: Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum
ISBN: 9780910503976


Sustainability in Business

Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things

Author: William McDonough, Michael Braungart
Publisher: North Point Press
ISBN: 086547587

Green to Gold: How Smart Companies Use Environmental Strategy to Innovate,
Create Value, and Build Competitive Advantage

Author: Daniel Esty, Andrew Winston
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470393742

Making Sustainability Work:
Best Practices in Managing and Measuring Corporate Social, Environmental
and Economic Impacts

Author: Marc J Epstein
Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
ISBN: 1576754863

Sustainable Value: How the World’s Leading Companies Are Doing Well by Doing Good

Author: Chris Laszlo
Publisher: Stanford Business Books
ISBN: 0804759634

The Green Marketing Manifesto

Author: John Grant
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 0470723246

Global Spin: The Corporate Assault on Environmentalism

Author: Sharon Beder
Publisher: Green Books
ISBN: 1903998093

The Sustainability Revolution: Portrait of a Paradigm Shift

Author: Andres R. Edwards
Publisher: New Society Publishers
ISBN: 0865715319

Fostering Sustainable Behavior

Author: Doug McKenzie-Mohr and William Smith
Publisher: New Society
ISBN: 865714061

The Natural Step for Business

Author: Brian Nattrass & Mary Altomare
Publisher: New Society
ISBN: 865713847


Social Sustainability

Do Good Design

Author: David Berman
ISBN: 9780321573209

Design for the Real World: Human Ecology and Social Change

Author: Victor Papanek
Publisher: Academy Chicago Publishers
ISBN: 0897331532

Citizen Designer: Perspectives on Design Responsibility

Author: Steven Heller (Editor), Veronique Vienne (Editor)
Publisher: Allworth Press
ISBN: 1581152655

Design for Sustainability (Design for Social Responsibility)

Author: Tracy Bhamra, Vicky Lofthouse
Publisher: Ashgate
ISBN: 0566087049

Conscientious Objectives

Author: John Cranmer & Yolanda Zappaterra
Publisher: Rotovision
ISBN: 2880467519

The Design of Dissent

Author: Milton Glaser & Mirko Ilic
Publisher: Rockport
ISBN: 1592531172


Sustainability (General)

The Ecology of Commerce

Author: Paul Hawken
ISBN: 887307043

Silent Spring

Author: Rachel Carson
Publisher: First Mariner
ISBN: 0618249060

Keeping Our Cool, Canada in a Warming World

Author: Andrew Weaver
Publisher: Viking Canada
ISBN: 9780670068005

The Geography of Hope

Author: Chris Turner
ISBN: 978-0679314660

Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature

Author: Janine M. Benyus
Publisher: Harper Perennial
ISBN: 0060533226

David Suzuki’s Green Guide

Author: David Suzuki, David Boyd
Publisher: Greystone Books
ISBN: 1553652932

Massive Change

Author: Bruce Mau
Publisher: Phaidon
ISBN: 0714844012

Our Ecological Footprint

Author: William Rees & Mathis Wackernagel
Publisher: New Society
ISBN: 1550922513

Cocktail Party Guide to Global Warming

Author: Annette Saliken
ISBN: 9780535470532

Worldchanging: A User’s Guide for the 21st Century

Author: Alex Steffen
Publisher: Abrams
ISBN: 0810970856

Confessions of an Eco-Sinner: Tracking Down the Sources of My Stuff

Author: Fred Pearce
Publisher: Beacon Press
ISBN: 080708588X

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