GDC Listserv

First launched in May 1997 as a way for designers to share ideas and techniques, the GDC Listserv continues to function today as an open forum for design and creativity for designers from all over the world.

There are many software lists to join on the internet, so we try to keep this list focused on design issues. It has been host to many interesting discussions over the last several years about design usability issues, business resources, spec work, copyright, accreditation, fees for services, industry nomenclature, and more. Please refer to our user policy and Listserv Etiquette below.

Anyone can subscribe to the Listserv – it is open to the public. Not every subscriber makes posts to the list; there are observers and contributors, designers, clients, students, administrators, educators and others. Don't assume that your messages are going to a private audience – this is a very public forum. Everything that you write to the list will be broadcast to everyone else on the list, and is available in a searchable archive. If you have something that is not of general interest, or is specific to one person, send a private e-mail directly to that person, not to the list.

You must post from the address you subscribed, not an alias. Only subscribed addresses can post in order to battle the constant onslaught of spam the list receives. If you ever want to remove yourself from the mailing list, you can return to this page and unsubscribe. When you sign up to receive the GDC Listserv, your email address is required. The GDC Listserv is an automatic broadcast email service. The mailing list is only seen by the administrator. Your return email address will appear on your postings.

Listserv Etiquette

  1. Never post file attachments or enclosures to the list. This includes vcf cards.
  2. Keep your signature lines small no more than 6 lines, preferably three.
  3. When replying (publicly) to a previous posting on the list, copy just enough of the original posting to put your reply into context. Don't leave reams and reams of material that everybody else has read before. Keep it brief and clear.
  4. Keep it on topic – do not indulge in commercial advertising, chain letters, politics, religion, personal slander or debates about whose (computer, car, drafting pens, whatever) are the greatest. When will you know if you have strayed too far? Your fellow list members will send you messages (some gentle, some "flames") telling you to mend your ways.
  5. DON'T SHOUT IN YOUR MESSAGES (all caps is considered shouting and will be perceived as rude) Use them sparingly for emphasis only.
  6. Be polite. Without the visual and audio clues of speech, if your words could be taken the wrong way, they will be. Be clear and civil, and remember that irony and sarcasm really don't carry over well with plain text. Remember, some of our clients are on the list as well. Do not post any defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive, or illegal material.
  7. Turn off html formatting in your messages to the list.This extra code makes a mess of the digest and the archives.
  8. If you use an automatic e-mail response when you are away from the office, remember to un-subscribe from the List before you leave. Otherwise your e-mail program will respond to every List posting. This is not fun for the other subscribers.

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Listserv archives copyright is owned by the GDC. The GDC reserves the right to use material posted on the Listserv for the purpose of promoting the organization or the profession, without identifying the writer or using any other identifying details.