Valerie Damen CGD

Valerie Damen CGD


I'm a CGD™ certified graphic designer and illustrator who fuels her creativity with coffee. From the exploration and color application to the typography development and refinement stages, coffee aids every step in the process — without it, my work just wouldn't be the same.

My journey starts during childhood, where after school I was often found buried within mounds of hand-crafted bookmarks, title pages, and greeting cards. Those passions continued to follow me all throughout high school, where thereafter I polished and refined those talents during Grant MacEwan University's Graphic Design and Illustration program. The marriage of these two passions (design and illustration) complement each other beautifully and sparks unique results.

In addition to managing and operating my freelance business (Valerie Damen) I currently work full time as a Graphic Designer for the University of Alberta, where I have built a wealth of high-profile visuals.

I keep inspired by experimenting with design, illustration, baking, and fashion, or by tagging along on local photography adventures with friends.