Kevin Guenther CGD

Kevin Guenther CGD


My ambitions are focused on making disruptive technologies that improve how humans live and behave in the world. Some past projects I've worked on are currently helping young and old connect with distant family, learn in more engaging and personalized ways, and encouraging people to explore their history.

My design approach holistically revolves around; Need, Intuitiveness and Emotion. Seeking to bridge creativity and practicality, imagination and logic—my ultimate goal is to make useful, and responsible products that people are delighted to interact with.

When managing projects, I insist on working closely with key stakeholders and engineers to guide products from conception to launch. With a focus on UX, I employ a strict build / measure / learn methodology to improve with every iteration.

I am passionate about working with people who will force me outside of my comfort zone and challenge me to be better.