The U of A's Faculty of Education was in need of a social media refresh. They sought after artwork that could be applied to Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.


With full creative control at my fingertips, I came up with the idea of focusing the visuals around the new year, 2018. The parsed shapes uniting as one, symbolizes the diverse individuals who collectively make up the U of A's educational community.


The font's overlapping shapes, educational icons, and bright playful colors, visually engages both current and prospecting Faculty of Education students. The artwork livens up the site and represents the celebration of another school year.


University of Alberta

Project Role(s)

Creative Director
Date Completed: 
January, 2018
Solution / Contribution: 
Carrying through the year 2018 as a theme, I made the decision to tie in the Faculty of Education's current identity by constructing a customized geometric font out of shapes and icons.